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We love the outdoors and enjoy a delicious bbq out on the deck with friends and family! So much so, we believe every house in Brisbane should have one. We’re incredibly lucky to have amazing climate in Brisbane to enjoy our decks and patios all year round.

With a quality patio, deck or carport from AdaptIt Group, you enhance not only your house, but also your life.

Servicing Brisbane, Ipswich the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, AdaptIt Group is a specialist in building Patios, Decks and Carports. The key thing that makes us stand out from others is that you get to see your patio, deck or carport in 3D before it is built. You design it, we create a 3D model of what you have in mind and then we build it!

Patios & Decks – How Adaptit Group can Improve your outdoor lifestyle with an outdoor entertaining area.

The Patio & Deck industry has evolved over the past few decades.  As a nation of outdoor loving people, there is now more importance placed upon having an attractive and modern outdoor living area to host family and friends at the typical Australian home.  Rather than just providing a shade cover that can also stop the rain, home owners are looking to push the boundaries of what is possible.  Everyone is now searching for those larger, weatherproof outdoor entertaining area to ‘Wow’ their guests.  With such a massive increase in viewership for home improvement and design programs on television and the internet, it is becoming more important to have a functional and attractive area that you can be proud to showcase to friends & family.  Adaptit can help you achieve your dream Outdoor Space with our 3-d Design Technology.  We will work with you to conceptualise your ideas into our custom designed 3D model.  This 3d design will need to tick all the boxes for style and functionality you require.  Our Adaptit 3-d design process will assist you to envisage the scale and size of the patio, deck or outdoor entertaining area before your construction commences.  Any size of construction for your home can be a stressful process at best!!  With Adaptit’s custom 3-d design team…..we make the difficult seem possible….and simple!  

Designing your Outdoor living area


FLOOR/WALL SPACE – There are 6 important points that everyone should consider when designing your outdoor living areas floor/wall space –

    1. You need space for somewhere to eat… providing a big enough area for a large outdoor dining table to seat your family and friends is important.  We will help you to work out the area you require based upon your family size and entertaining requirements.
    2. You need space for somewhere to lounge with a drink… There will need to be a separate space for a lounge area to socialise with guests and also provide protection from the elements.  To help achieve this we can provide larger roof overhangs and privacy screens for weather protection as well as wider handrails for resting drinks on whilst you are chatting with your guests.  You may want to investigate the current offerings from outdoor furniture suppliers, to visualise your future space.
    3. You need a designated cooking area outside… Somebody will need to cook for your guests and not feel like they are left out of the party.  We can help you design a suitable area for cooking and food preparation….but still within the main outdoor footprint.  Consideration needs to be made for solid walled areas to support benches, cupboards, utensils and whether you require a range hood to protect the patio roof from staining.  This is a detailed topic, and needs special attention and discussion on the possibilities.
    4. You need a bar/serving/food prep area with an outdoor fridge… designing an area which can incorporate a drinks fridge and/or bar is essential for our warm South East Queensland conditions. We can design an area to incorporate your fridge and maybe also a stylish bar to make you the envy of all your guests.  Keeping your guests outside during the Aussie Barbecue is most important.  If they need to go inside for anything….even drinks….the party atmosphere will diminish. 5.
    5. You need wall space for a TV or Entertainment system… part of any successful Barbecue involves music and or visual entertainment.  When your guests are visiting, you need to keep them entertained whilst outside.  If your Audio visual setup is inside the home, people will gravitate towards that area.  During our 3-d design process, we can help you identify the best spaces to house that big screen tv or projector.
    6. You need lighting and heating/cooling … Ventilation, lighting, skylights…. These will all need to be a hot topic of discussion while undergoing our 3-d design process.  Lighting the areas of importance (listed in points 1-5) needs to be talked about.  We have many options to enlighten your outdoor space, so let’s come up with the best option for you!!  You also need to be comfortable on those hot humid days or cold winter nights, so ask us about our heating & ventilation solutions.

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