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With the rates of home renovations skyrocketing in Brisbane & South East Queensland it is important to provide an outdoor area which is directly accessible from the kitchen and meals area of the house. This outdoor area will need to maximise the homes livability.

Typical house designs (both older style homes and newer modern designs) have the kitchen and meals areas located on the upper level of the residence. The only way of blending the inside meals and preparation area to an outside entertaining space is by incorporating a large use-able decked area. This decks extra floor space will need to tick the boxes for functionality, and will need a weatherproof solution for overhead.

To ensure your deck is designed smartly, we have developed a 6- point timber decking design system. These design points are really discussion topics that will help narrow down your options available for your decks area. Our designers will discuss these with you at the initial on-site measure.

Things to consider when designing your deck.

  1. Positioning the deck for ease of access… You don’t want to walk halfway through your house just to get to the outdoor entertaining decks area? Do you. We will assess the best position for the deck to be placed against your house keeping in mind that access to internal cooking areas are critical and for egress safety we will determine the necessity for servery windows and or larger access doors to enable ease of access out onto the decks area.
  2. You need space for somewhere to eat and entertain… providing enough area for an outdoor dining table to seat your family and friends along with an area to relax and lounge for social interaction is crucial. We will help you to work out the area you require based upon your family size and entertaining requirements. This can also be house and block specific, no deck is too large or too small.
  3. You need a designated cooking/bbq area outside… Somebody will need to cook for your guests and not feel like they are left out of the party. We can help you design a suitable area for cooking and food preparation. Consideration of required space to incorporate solid walled areas to support benches, the inclusion or storage cupboards and utensil drawers and a position for the important bbq are a must. This is a detailed topic, and needs special attention and discussion on the requirements for your decked area.
  4. External Stairs – Do you need/want access to the lower level from the deck? This is a huge question, and needs to be covered at the beginning. Stairs will impact the size of the deck, and the requirements for additional landings/footings etc. If you have stairs, do you want them under cover?
    Roofing – See Patio designs on the additional pages for the specifics of Patio Roof designs. Needless to say each house is an individual project for us. The main item of discussion with the roof is how watertight/weatherproof, insulated do you want your deck to be? The roof attachment, shape and height are all in question here, and needs a site visit for an accurate assessment.
  5. Blinds – There is every possibility that your deck area will need blinds for privacy or afternoon/morning sun protection. Our design team can take you through the 3-d Adaptit Experience and show you the sun’s position throughout the course of the year. Only this way can you prepare for the coming seasons.

What’s the best deck structure to use for my outdoor living area?

There are many different systems of deck frame on the market. These can fall into 2 categories Timber and Steel. Our construction teams are adept at building both types of frames, depending on product requirements (timber only near saltwater etc). With our timber frames, we will only use treated hardwood. This will ensure longevity of the structure. The market is flooded with Treated Pine framed ‘Outdoor huts’ and ‘cheap handyman decks’ that look good for 5 years. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations though. Our harsh sun and relentless storms will wreak havoc on any structure outside of your house boundary walls. That is why we use either Treated Hardwood, or our favoured option, Duragal RHG Steel. Our RHS Steel Deck frame is the most solid and safe construction you will find on the market. Because it is all galvanised RHS steel (fully enclosed box section), the deck frame will never rot, will never be eaten by termites and most important looks great! At Adaptit Group we utilise the most up to date and tested engineered structural steel decking system with above standard 89mm SHS posts, 100mm x 50mm or 150mm x 50mm RHS Bearers/ joists designed to support above the minimum requirement of 1.8Kpa (180kg/m²) to a whopping 3.0Kpa (300kg/m²) deck loading!! The bitumen tar-tape over the joists create a soft under-foot feel that is unlike any deck you have walked on. This is the only deck support system that will provide you with complete peace of mind. You can rest easy in the knowledge that your deck will stand the test of time.

What options are available for the flooring on my deck? Decking, Tiles or Composite flooring? There are many options available in this category and the product you decide upon needs to provide a durable, non-slip and attractive surface for years to come. With our extensive trade contacts and product knowledge, we can provide you with the right flooring product and the most competitive quote. Whether you love the look of natural kwila, prefer the timber composite products or need to provide a floor ready for tiling, we can assist you in selecting the right product for you. We have been building decks for over 20 years.

What options are available for my handrails on the deck? The selection of an appropriate handrail on your decking project can be difficult. You need to consider several factors, including safety, current house style, privacy and appearance. With our extensive industry experience and unique 3D design service we can select the right handrail every time. When you see the handrail options in 3-d, you will know if it complements your home. With a large number of available products listed below we have the right system to suit your requirements.

  • Tubular powder coated aluminium balustrade system with Aluminium or Timber top rails
  • Colonial style timber balustrading with your choice of top rail profile
  • Stainless steel wire balustrading with aluminium or timber top rails and newel posts
  • Frameless Glass Balustrading with stainless steel spigots
  • Semi frameless glass balustrading with aluminium or timber top rails
  • Timber newell posts with Timber top rails and glass balustrading inserts
  • Powder coated Aluminium vertical slat balustrade system in a range of colours

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