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For that extra Breeze and airflow that is a real requirement on our patio area’s, have you considered a Flyover Roof? We can lift the entire Patio up over the top of your house roof by our 2 engineered support systems and create that extra head height you will love. If your house fascia is anywhere under 2400-2500 above your paio area then the Flyover option really needs to be considered. We can adjust the height being supported out of the roof to raise the roof or lower it, depending on your weatherproofing requirements. Flyover roof designs can incorporate any design style that you can think of. Our custom 3-D design system can show you exactly what the structure will look like when finished…..so call us now and book your 3-D design consultation NOW!
Attachment Types –

Heavy Duty Flyover Bracketry system

As the climate in South East Queensland increases to become hotter and hotter, our Patio Design focus needs to be on hot air ventilation and natural cooling. We can achieve this in 2 ways. Firstly we increase the ceiling height of the Patio, and secondly, leave an air gap between the patio and the house roof. By specifying our heavy duty powder coated SHS stump posts on your project we can increase the patio height up to 600mm above your house roof. Each stump post is structurally secured to the top plate of your house stud wall and runs alongside your house truss/ rafter tails to provide a stable fixing point. For weather proofing we install a rubber boot to seal the cutout in the roof and keep the water runoff out of your house roof. Our Patios flyover bracketry system is fully engineered and tested to Australian Standards and has been designed to withstand the harsh South East Queensland climate.

Heavy Duty Riser Bracketry System

Although very different in nature to the heavy duty SHS flyover stump posts, the Riser bracketry system is achieving the same result of raising the patio roof to provide air flow and additional ceiling height. The big difference comes in the fixing method. Where the SHS flyover bracketry system attaches down through your house roof and upon the house wall plate, the Riser bracket attachment method connects to the side of the roof truss through your house fascia and under the house gutter. This system also allows for a maximum 600mm in additional patio height above the roof of your house but provide for a slightly more economical fixing method without the need to penetrate through the house roof. There are many riser bracket systems on the market but they don’t all meet with the required engineering and structural codes, rest assured our SHS riser brackets are fully engineered and tested to Australian Standards.

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