Amazing Patio Transformation in Springfield. Outdoor kitchen required!!

By adaptitgroup 3D DesignBlogPatiosSkillions 0 Comment 10 September, 2015

Insulated Flat Patio

These Springfield clients came to Adaptit at the start of the year and expressed their desire to revamp their patio area and incorporate an outdoor kitchen patio area. Ryan set about designing their vision with our amazing 3-d software over the next 1-2 weeks. After a few visits to site, to alter the design slightly, our valued clients settled on the final look. We utilised a 100mm Stratco Cooldek Patio roof attached to the house fascia on two sides. For added height under the patio we removed the house gutters. To ensure there were to be no leaks at the attachment point, we installed our custom flashing between the house and the patio for house roof water runoff. The kitchen was to be mounted against a blueboard/weatherboard clad wall that was 4m long on one of the open sides. Two solid windows were inserted either side of where the future rangehood would be, to increase the light in the area. Extra concrete had to be brought in to increase the space from the old ‘L’ design to a big square, and tiles were laid. We installed 3 blinds to the 2 sides for added protection from weather, sun and for privacy. Our special flush-mounted LED lights finish the area off and give it that smart ‘inside the home’ appearance. Great work to all the designers involved – Ryan and our valued clients! You too can be the designer with Adaptit’s custom 3-d design software. Call us today 1300 423278.