Blinds and Polycarbonate complete this Patio.

By adaptitgroup BlindsBlogEnclosuresFlyoversInsulated RoofingPatios 0 Comment 16 June, 2015

Too much rain is coming in!!

This patio is so high, wind and rain pelt through.

Awesome area, no protection.

Beautiful kitchen that needs protection.

Rangehood area needs to be protected.

Blinds are needed badly!!

Polycarb complete

Blinds, timber privacy screen and Polycarb above.

Finished and ready for use.

Beautiful look with the FJ Kwila Beams creating the top border.

3d-model 31
3d-model 21
3d-model 4
3d-model 1

This is a house that had issues with their Patio area copping too much inclement weather. The home owners called the Adaptit Boys and gave us a challenge of closing the area in for Good!! Jarred came up with a solution of Blinds on all open sides together with Polycarbonate infills above the angled sides and on the house roof. They wanted to be able to BBQ without the threat of weather & wind and Adaptit have fixed this problem forever!