Our Patios

Every family home needs an Outdoor Living Area to entertain friends and RELAX.  For all of the latest Adaptit Group projects for Patios and Pergolas in Brisbane, click here.



Example of Our Decks

A "Classy" Deck & Roof will increase the Value of any Property.  Have a look at some of our Recent Deck Projects, click here


Adapt It Group Carport

How many more Hail Storms can you put up with before you get that Carport project in Brisbane that you have always wanted going?  Your cars also need to be protected from the Harsh Queensland Sun!  Click Here  


examples of our outdoor blinds

Whether it be Privacy, Shade or Weather Protection you are after.....New Adaptit Blinds in Brisbane are the Solution you need.  We offer a complete range of Indoor & Outdoor Blinds. Click Here 


Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could see what your new patio looks like before you made any decisions?

Try Adaptit 3-D Today!! Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us: 1300 423 278

Other News

Written on 05/01/2014, 13:49 by Nadine
Home owners always look at ways how they can improve the appearance of their home when they are looking to sell. Often these fix ups gain much more interest and can even sometimes draw a greater sale...
Written on 17/12/2013, 10:56 by Nadine
Quite a few people talk about adding protective Brisbane blinds to their home these days as they do offer fantastic protection and benefits. However, unless they are outdoor blinds, added to an outdoor...
Written on 04/12/2013, 07:05 by Nadine
Coverings for Doors and Large Windows   Choosing blinds for standard windows is quite a simple task, especially with Adaptit Group. They have a great range of both indoor and outdoor blinds that...
Written on 17/11/2013, 13:32 by Nadine
Householders Spoilt For Choice in Window Treatments Blinds serve a multitude of purposes for the home or apartment, but with the many uses, styles and finishes available today, confusion reigns when...

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