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Our Patios range has a number of unique patio roof styles available in both insulated panel or single metal profiled roofing to enable your outdoor patio entertainment dream to come to life and still keep your budget in mind.  With the help of our 3D design software we can help you adapt your outdoor living areas and incorporate a functional and stylish patio roof for you to enjoy entertaining under.  We can provide a visually stylish fully customised patio roof structure utilising individual or combinations of flat, Gabled, Hip & or curved roof designs with the latest roofing products. Our main discussion topic when designing patios, is water, both storm-water flow and waterproofing.  Expect our design team to spend time discussing your options for house storm-water connection, and also weather protection if it rains during your next barbecue.  Nobody wants an outdoor space/room to be heavily affected by the average storm.

Why not customise your outdoor living area with add ons and accessories?

Accessories and add-ons are an important part of your patio design.  These are the finishing touches  that can set your outdoor living area apart from the masses.  Just like getting your windows tinted or adding in optional extras to improve the look of your car we can talk to you about customising your outdoor living area to perhaps minimise afternoon sun, or provide privacy in certain areas.  Why not incorporate custom LED lighting, fans and heating strips for your comfort.  We can help to identify these signature features required, and make them come to life in 3-d, before any decisions are made.

  • Timber or powder coated aluminium privacy screens
  • Laser cut powder coated screens
  • Fabric blinds to block out sun
  • LED Down lights
  • Beam fixed Strip heaters
  • Kwila timber posts and beams
  • Frameless & semi frameless glass balustrading systems
  • Stainless Steel wire Balustrading systems
  • Roof lites and light boxes to allow in natural light
  • Customised cladding panels


What are the types of attachment methods?

There are essentially 4 different methods of house attachment for a structurally secure patio roof.
The 4 methods are

  • Timber/ Metal House Fascia fix
  • House wall fix
  • Heavy duty Flyover Bracketry system
  • Heavy duty Riser bracketry system

At the 3D design and measure appointment we will assess the best attachment for your new patio.  Budget and design requirements are major factors in this decision.

 House Fascia Fix

The most common and economical way of attaching a patio roof to your house, this has been the main stay of all patio attachment methods before the flyover roof style became popular.  The purpose of this attachment type is to provide a weatherproof seal between the patio roof and the house fascia usually underneath the gutter of the house.  With Insulated roofing there will be an option to remove the house gutters to gain extra roof height clearance.

Method 1 – Standard Fascia Attachment

The standard Fascia attachment method involves positioning the patio ‘receiver channel’ directly under the existing house gutter.  The Receiver Channel attaches through the house fascia to our new Rafter Fascia Brackets and is sealed using silicon and bi seal foam to provide 2 forms of protection against weather.  This system is the most common method for attachment and if not done properly and professionally can be prone to a number of ongoing issues.  Water is the biggest issue to consider during construction, and a leaking patio roof attachment point will ruin your outdoor area.  There is nothing worse than having a BBQ during a rain event and being forced inside your home because of leaks.  Adaptit Group stand by our construction methods, and provide a comprehensive warranty to ensure no leaks and your piece of mind.


Method 2 – Removal of house gutters and flashing against the house fascia (not with outback)

This method is our preferred system for attaching your insulated patio roof structure to the fascia of the house.  This method creates a far superior weather seal against the house and also allows for additional height under the patio support beam and ceiling level.  By removing your existing house gutters we are then able to provide a metal apron flashing to seal under the existing house roof (tiles or steel) and force any water to flow onto the patio roof and away into the gutter system.  By removing the house gutters this also allows for an additional 60mm (approx.) of height to the patio roof which is particularly useful on houses which have a reduced eave height to begin with.

House Wall Fix

This method of attachment involves fixing the patios receiver channel or beam directly to the house wall.  Whether it is brickwork, FC cladding or timber weatherboards, we will ensure the connections meet with the relevant building codes and engineering requirements.  We can also suggest the installation of an apron flashing to enable water hitting the wall of the house to run away into the patio guttering system.


Heavy Duty Flyover Bracketry system

As the climate in South East Queensland increases to become hotter and hotter, our Patio Design focus needs to be on hot air ventilation and natural cooling.  We can achieve this in 2 ways.  Firstly we increase the ceiling height of the Patio, and secondly, leave an air gap between the patio and the house roof.  By specifying our heavy duty powder coated SHS stump posts on your project we can increase the patio height up to 600mm above your house roof.  Each stump post is structurally secured to the top plate of your house stud wall and runs alongside your house truss/ rafter tails to provide a stable fixing point.  For weather proofing we install a rubber boot to seal the cutout in the roof and keep the water runoff out of your house roof.  Our Patios flyover bracketry system is fully engineered and tested to Australian Standards and has been designed to withstand the harsh South East Queensland climate.

Heavy Duty Riser Bracketry System

Although very different in nature to the heavy duty SHS flyover stump posts, the Riser bracketry system is achieving the same result of raising the patio roof to provide air flow and additional ceiling height.  The big difference comes in the fixing method. Where the SHS flyover bracketry system attaches down through your house roof and upon the house wall plate, the Riser bracket attachment method connects to the side of the roof truss through your house fascia and under the house gutter.  This system also allows for a maximum 600mm in additional patio height above the roof of your house but provide for a slightly more economical fixing method without the need to penetrate through the house roof.  There are many riser bracket systems on the market but they don’t all meet with the required engineering and structural codes, rest assured our SHS riser brackets are fully engineered and tested to Australian Standards.

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