Shops at Racecourse Rd, Hamilton get an Adaptit Makeover!
Stratco Patio adaptit brisbaneAdaptit Group are finished. 5 days is all it took to complete this monster project.

Shops at Racecourse Rd, Hamilton get an Adaptit Makeover!

  • insulated patio brisbane

    This was the outdoor setup prior to being Adapted!

  • Insulated awnings brisbane

    There wasn't much room before Adaptit came along.

  • Cooldek patios stratco brisbane

    The owners of the property wanted to stretch the dining area well forward to maximise their restaurants potential.

  • insulated patio stratco adaptit Brisbane

    This was all the restaurants had to use prior to the Adaptit Awning.

  • pizza capers gets a patio in brisbane suburbs

    They will be able to eat a lot more pizzas now they have more room to sit!!

  • subway store gets insulated patio on brisbane northside

    How many more footlongs will get eaten once the awning goes up??

  • Insulated awnings brisbane

    Digging footings for this large structure took a while.

  • under construction adaptit patios

    Adaptit work site with safety fencing. We are busy!!

  • Insulated stratco awning brisbane

    Almost finished now, just need the signs at the front.

  • Insulated patios brisbane

    Side view showing the fibro wall for future signage.

  • Cooldek patio brisbane

    What a glorious patio!! Massive job by Adaptit!

  • huge insulated patio brisbane

    Huge awning by Adaptit Group. One of the largest ever.

  • Stratco Patio adaptit brisbane

    Adaptit Group are finished. 5 days is all it took to complete this monster project.

  • insulated patios brisbane

    Smooth clean lines of insulated from the bottom.

  • LED insulated lights in patio brisbane suburbs

    Cool LED lights and a smooth steel finish. Maintenance free for the building owners!!

  • Adaptit insulated patio brisbane

    Adaptit's concept image prior to authorisation.

  • insulated patios brisbane

    Adaptit's rendered 3-d design.

  • Adaptit patio builders brisbane 3D model

    It's easy to visualise with Adaptit's 3-d design department

  • 3d patio designs brisbane

    All the design kinks were ironed out before paperwork was done.

  • insulated patios in 3d

    Adaptit 3-d design is the best in the business.

The shops at Racecourse Rd, Hamilton needed a large Patio Awning to allow their customers some Al Fresco dining. Who do you think they would call. Thats right, Adaptit to the rescue. We 3-d designed an impressive structure of almost 150 square metres that would transform their property forever. Together with Stratco we designed an awning that would increase each shops dining area by over 30 square metres. That is a lot of extra tables and extra food!! Next time you are in Hamilton, stop by and say hello to the massive awning. It is situated directly in front of a Subway, Pizza Capers, Thai Restaurant and Gelato shop on Racecourse Rd. The owners, together with Adaptit, perused initial 3-d design drawings to finalise their vision before any decisions were made. Yet another example of the unique 3-d experience that Adaptit provides to ensure we get it right. The Adaptit install team, made up of qualified carpentry experts, had the structure finished in 5 days. This allowed for minimal fuss and interference to shop owners and customers. Great work Adaptit. Design by Ryan, Construction preparation by GK and Justin. Building by Justin, GK, Andrew, Matty, Corey, Adrian, Steve-O and Josh.

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