Outside Protection for Windows

Outside Protection for Windows

Quite a few people talk about adding protective Brisbane blinds to their home these days as they do offer fantastic protection and benefits. However, unless they are outdoor blinds, added to an outdoor area, blinds are fitted indoors, which only provides interior protection.

No home should be without blinds but consider adding protection and other benefits to the outside of the windows. On top of adding blinds to the interior side of windows and doors, why not consider adding window awnings to the exterior?

Double the protection

Sure enough, interior blinds keep your indoors cooler, furniture protected from sun damage and valuables safe from prying eyes. But by adding window awnings to the outside of your home, you will have twice the amount of protection.

Awnings deflect our harsh summer sun from windows, which will make the job of your blinds cutting out the heat far easier. This will in turn reduce your energy bill as the cooler your home naturally is, the less air conditioning you will require.

We are also susceptible to wild storms here, which can damage glass and create leaking window frames. With awnings protecting your windows, hail, wind and rain are not an issue.

Increase the value

When selling a home it’s ideal to have the things that buyers are looking for. Unless the buyer is looking for a renovator, they don’t want to have to spend money on things like blinds, patios and window awnings.

So if you have these, your home will be more sought after and increase your chance of a good sale. What’s even better is that if you want to add these things, Adaptit Group can help you!

Something to suit all homes

It doesn’t matter the style of your home, the colour or the size of your windows. Adaptit Group can assist you with size, style and colour selection of your window awnings so that they complement your home perfectly.

Your window awnings will be built to withstand all kinds of weather and still look great with a sturdy frame and quality material. In years to come they will still look new and offer the same protection from sun, wind and rain.

If you’d like to discuss getting your windows, doors or outdoor areas fitted with window awnings, contact Adaptit Group today. We guarantee you will be happy with the end result and your home will be the most beautiful on the street with the best protection possible.

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