Coverings for Doors and Large Windows

Coverings for Doors and Large Windows

Choosing blinds for standard windows is quite a simple task, especially with Adaptit Group. They have a great range of both indoor and outdoor blinds that easily suit any budget and taste. Their friendly and professional staff can easily measure and quote depending on your specific tastes.

When it comes to doors and large windows, choosing blinds for these is also just as simple with Adaptit Group and their panel glide blinds. These are the perfect blinds for larger openings and even room dividers. Keep reading to find out why.

The issue with larger windows and doors

Because doors and large windows have a larger area, the blinds placed over these need to look good in bigger sizes. Regular blinds that have smaller panels can tend to look over busy when they are larger because there are many more panels used.

In a standard size window, you may only have 10 or more panels to a side. With large windows and sliding glass doors, you could end up with 20 or more to a side. Some people feel that this looks a bit cluttered and tacky. With panel glide blinds, they look more contemporary and modern with larger panels giving a more open feel.

Why panel glide blinds?

These blinds really are very stylish and sophisticated to add to sliding glass doors and bigger windows. A more modern version of vertical blinds, they offer an elegant feel to the room, mostly due to their minimalistic design.

They come in either centre openings, right stack or left stack layouts, meaning that whatever kind of window or door you wish to add them to, you will easily get them to suit the opening of these. Panels of fabric that overlap easily glide along the head rail track in whichever direction you choose.

Even if you don’t have large windows or doors, you can still choose panel glide blinds for you home if you wish, although they are best suited to any windows that have a large piece of glass, bi-fold doors, sliding doors and stackable sliding doors. In reality, if the blinds suit the area, the choice is yours with where you place them.

Adaptit Group have a highly skilled and professional team who can advise regarding the best application of panel glide blinds or other blinds in your home. Why not give them a call to arrange a quote today and improve the look and feel of your living spaces.

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