Adaptit’s designer Chris is a 3-d Patio Expert!!
  • 3d model

    Patio with Shade screen drop down.

  • 3d model2

    Keeping the sun out!!

  • 3d model3

    Gable Ziptrak enclosure with new Deck.

  • 3d model4

    Deck with Glass balustrade

  • 3d model5

    Gables are the best!!

  • 3d model6

    Why not close your patio in with blinds and timber screening.

  • 3d model7

    Glass pool fencing is the best.

  • 3d model8

    The look from inside the new patio.

  • 3D Model9

    Large angled insulated patio.

  • 3D Model10

    Front view of the insulated patio

  • 3D model11

    New single skin patio design

  • 3d model13

    Flyover insulated patio by Chris.

  • 3D Model Gable Patio Roof

    There is nothing like a patio for that open feel.

  • 3D model15

    Side view of the new gable.

  • 3D model16

    Imagine a fan or two!

Adaptit’s designer Chris is a 3-d Patio Expert!!

Adaptit’s resident 3-d design expert has been hard at it!! Check out his latest designs created for our clients homes over the last 30 days. Keep watching this site as these projects come to ‘Real Life’ over the next few months. Awesome work Chris!!

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