What are the different roof design styles I can utilise?

Flat Patio Roof Designs

This style of roof is by far the most popular and also one of the most economical types of patio roof on the market. The flat roof design is popular and on trend because it enables your outdoor entertaining area to act as an extension of your house soffit.  By providing a smooth low pitched surface on the underside of the patio gives the illusion of blending in with your eave providing a seamless transition from the inside of your house to your outdoor covered area.

Whatever your style of house we can successfully incorporate an Adaptit Group flat style patio roof to provide a stylish and attractive outdoor entertaining area.  With a number of different attachment methods and sheeting options available we can design a flat roof patio that can provide you with a solution to keep ventilation in mind, increase your ceiling height or maintain an economical outcome that meets your budget but still increases your home value. Our range can be supplied across South East Qld including Patios Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich and Sunshine Coast.

What are the different types of roof sheeting products available for your outdoor patio?

Stratco Cooldeck insulated patio roof panel

The Stratco Cooldeck insulated roof panel consists of a profiled metal coloured top sheet in either corrugated or classic (Trimdek) available in a range of 11 colours. The core of the sheet is where the thermal performance comes from with a standard 50mm (R1.48), 75mm(R2.11) or 100mm(R2.75) polystyrene panel with the size selection dependent upon the required span of your patio and also upon request non-standard sizing up to 150mm. Finally the bottom of the panel is finished off with another coloured metal sheet, available as a matt or high gloss finish in a range of 2 Matt finish colours and 3 high gloss colours with either smooth, V Groove or Silkline pattern.
Why not add in a thermally resistant skylight box incorporated LED strip lighting to provide lighting day and night or have us fit you flush mounted 180mm diameter 12v LED lights to provide a stylish lighting solution to your outdoor living area.

Double sided High gloss Stratco Outback Deck sheeting

For those of you who are budget conscious but still want to maintain a stylish clean lined roof profile to their outdoor living area we can design your patio area using the “Stratco” outback high gloss system. Utilising a single skin high gloss coloured metal profiled roof sheet with a 4.5m single sheet span up to a huge 8.4m with internal beams there isn’t an outdoor entertaining space that can’t be covered with this sheet.

Stratco Patios Outback Sunroof

Due to the wild extremes of weather we encounter in South East Queensland it is becoming more important for Patios to allow natural lighting into living areas and also provide a shaded and sealed living area when it is most needed. The Stratco outback sunroof system achieves flexibility of design and more, with an attractive opening and closing roof system! With the stylish slimline polystyrene core filled powder coated aluminium blades we have both comfort and looks in mind. Throw in a remote controlled sunroof motor and an inbuilt rain sensor you have a complete package with the flexibility to manually adjust the blades on the sunroof in the direction to follow the sun or provide shade if required and when the weather turns nasty the system will automatically close the roof blades providing you with peace of mind that your roof will be closed and secured when you aren’t home. With a generous sunroof blade span of 3.9m on flat roofs and 7.2m on gable roof designs and also the ability of joining multiple sunroof blade bays together this system truly is the entire patio and outdoor lifestyle design package providing a completely flexible solution for our climate and your comfort.

Stratco Slique Pavilion & Grande Pavilion Patios
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