For that extra Breeze and airflow that is a real requirement on our patio area’s, have you considered a Flyover Roof? We can lift the entire Patio up over the top of your house roof by our 2 engineered support systems and create that extra head height you will love. If your house fascia is anywhere under 2400-2500 above your paio area then the Flyover option really needs to be considered. We can adjust the height being supported out of the roof to raise the roof or lower it, depending on your weatherproofing requirements. Flyover roof designs can incorporate any design style that you can think of. Our custom 3-D design system can show you exactly what the structure will look like when finished… call us now and book your 3-D design consultation NOW!

new patio brisbane
Blinds and Polycarbonate complete this Patio.
Stratco Patio adaptit brisbane
Shops at Racecourse Rd, Hamilton get an Adaptit Makeover!

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