Front Verandah gets a ‘much needed’ change.  Thanks Adaptit!
Veranda & Stair Patios Brisbane

Front Verandah gets a ‘much needed’ change. Thanks Adaptit!

  • verandah prior to new deck in brisbane

    Before we started......this verandah was almost looking dangerous!!

  • rebuilding verandah with new decking brisbane

    It's coming together!!

  • new verandah give more space

    The inside is looking good.

  • verandah rebulid by Adaptit

    Colonial Balustrade at it's best!

  • new veranda rebuild

    1200mm wide steps are the way to go.

  • verandah replacement by Adaptit

    Thanks for the windows G.James!!

  • new verandah

    The finished result looks like it was always there.

  • new front verandah and entrance

    The door is an awesome feature.

  • stair replacement and verandah

    Nice Job Adaptit

  • Veranda & Stair Patios Brisbane

    The Adaptit team have done well yet again!

  • 3D Model of verandah design
  • 3D Model of outdoor area stairs
  • 3D Model of new room
  • 3D Model of new stairs and verandah
  • 3D Model front angle of new stairs and verandah
  • new stairs and verandah 3D model

We were contacted by a family in Slacks Creek, Brisbane, that were very concerned about the state of their front verandah. The posts supporting the old verandah were in desperate need of replacement and the flooring was well past it’s use-by-date. The home-owners decided that if they were going to replace the existing verandah, then why not do something they have always wanted to do……and enclose the entrance area!! Ryan, Adaptit’s 3-d designer, went about creating a 3-D model of the future project and helped the home-owners to visualise how their construction would come together. The flooring used was tongue and groove, the walls are stud framed with Gyprock internally and Palliside cladding externally. Adaptit has designed a 1200mm wide stair set with 2 landings and colonial balustrade. A beautiful Timber door with 6 Glass highlights was used to create a modern entrance point. Our classic RHS (Duragal Steel) deck framework is responsible for the structure’s support. We utilised 100×50 RHS joists, 150×50 RHS bearer and 90 SHS posts into engineered footings…..this enclosure isn’t going anywhere!! Great work by the Adaptit team, from Ryan, Glenn & Justin…. to Lenny, Benny and Matty. We proudly used G. James Glass and Aluminium for the windows, Woodworkers for the front door and Hudsons for our Timber needs. Call us on 1300 423278 and let us transform your home.

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